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The new album has been out for a month now and being received rather well, it is in rotation on KBYR radio Rexburg, and also on the Sounds of Sunday program.  You can listen for free on my website, and I am making the album free for download for the month of June.  



New song and story 

I wrote a song this week about how my wife and I met.  I like to write songs about pivotal points in my life, they serve as a kind of journal of my life and allow me to express myself in a musical way.  I have written songs since I was 14 I just kind of found songwriting through a friend.  I had a missionary come to my house for dinner one night and we were playing on the piano, he suggested to me that I might be good at songwriting, (thank goodness for his suggestion), I wrote my first song and then shared it at church to my parents amazement.  

Latest Track

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Inspiring Songs that build faith

Nathan Madsen the pianist

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A thoughtful renditions of LDS favorites and traditional LDS hymns. Nathan took songs that he remembered listening to as a teenager and compiled them into one CD. He hopes you will enjoy this compilation of LDS favorites including, You['re not alone, Oh Lord my Redeemer, I heard him Come, Where can I turn for peace and more.

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