My Biography…

My Musical Journey

I started playing and composing when I was 14...

I took piano and didn't really enjoy it at first, I started learning by ear and then my senior year in highschool I knew enough songs to audition for a job as an in store pianist for Nordstroms.  Later when I moved to Utah, I was able to play for the roof restaurant, I have recorded 8 Albums they are available online at all major music platforms.

One time in college I went to the music department and used there recording studio to record a tape, I sold several copies, saved up my money and went to UT to Kurt Bestor's studio, to my suprise and delight he walked in the studio, he said hi and told my singers to "sing pretty".  He sat in the studio and I asked him how a struggling musician is supposed to make it in music business, he gave me some pointers. (I'm still trying to figure it out..._)

I keep my song writing skills sharp posting on Facebook for friends and family, also performing at the VIsitor's center in Idaho Falls during Christmas, and performing in church when I can,  if I make it big great, if I don't I'll sure have fun trying and dreaming, a good songwriter doesn't find songs, life gives it to them.  

I married my wife Rebecca who continues to inspire my music, she is also my biggest fan, one night at church I played an original song at ward prayer, she turned to her friend and said "I'm going to marry him..."  (Guess what, she did)  I took a little convincing at first, I told her roommate don't let her think I like her or anything, I wouldn't want to lead her on.  I wrote her over the summer and proposed to her on the second day of school (I didn't even think to my self I'm going to propose before I left the apartment, it just happened, and here we are 25 years later.